Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Jon Rogers (Maggz)

Brother maggz shares with us a few Soundcloud based and unheard tracks in a nice little bunch, he names "Scrap Book". True gems here from the legend, whom your bound to hear about, in the presses sometime soon. Like a rope attached to a tree, this tape has some serious swing. Flow Worthy!

Thursday, December 12, 2013


Upper class Adult Swimliness, dope vibes coming from Siiros direction. Flow Worthy!

Thursday, December 5, 2013


Transcending soul, IAMNOBODI, the brainchild and mastermind to "N&W&BH", builds on his already infallible repertoire. The sounds generated from the blessed mind share no equal. A truly extraordinary producer with a sound for the ages, head noddingly so..Flow Worthy!

Wednesday, December 4, 2013


Teddy bear vibes, soft and plush. A rich relaxing progression of palatable chords and melodies aimed at your soul. Jon Rogers (Maggz) makes a guest appearance on track 2, flipping Mecca's already outstanding contribution to the beat community. Flow Worthy!

Tuesday, December 3, 2013


Breakfast in the morning, just waking up, a fresh pancake with some maple syrup, yup, unda will settle nicely with those bacon and eggs. Flow Worthy!

DOC Mastermind

DOC Mastermind putting down an altering set of musical fruit, nutritious and ambitious (New word: "Nambitious"). Flow Worthy!


From smooth to slap and back again, Professa releases crack again, this new anesthetic, designed to mend a broken neck or heart that may be troubling your person. Flow Worthy!


Silky vibes from soul master Javonte, Putting you to rest with a few tracks from the heart, beats full and true, straight to you and yours. Flow Worthy!


Produced by the man Lo-Kick, blessed by the intoxicating vocals of Daiva from Keymono. The track swells with a sweet ferociousness from ear to ear. An experience made possible by an extraordinary duo. The mixes by Chief and Lingvisto make for a couple extra treats as well. Flow Worthy!

Nick Wisdom

Nick Wisdom, thorough bred from the Jellyfish Recordings family, locks you in from the beginning. Starting off with a healthy dose of angelic bounce, a pervading flawlessness that riddles the question for the use of a pause button, no doubt you will not be needing it. Flow Worthy!


Needless to say, Khyro's been making waves on Soundcloud for a while, the resurrection of Flow Worthy could not be complete without a class act batch of tracks from the french phenom. Khyro sculpts an imaginative, surreal, proper presentation of pleasing patterns, the rings of Saturn couldn't be more square, compared to the curves of these beats. Flow Worthy!

Mild Mood

Simply put, the mood is anything but "Mild". Arranging numerous frequencies into one harmonious, spicy, and well prepared dish, Mild Mood serves it up right without all the calories. Taking us back into the depths of "July Heat" from Flying Lotus, and the devious mindstyle of Jneiro Jarel's "Beyond 2morrow", Mild puts us back into an atmospheric, fantastic land of wonder and exploration. Follow the vibe down into the unknown, you'll find your way home, eventually. Flow Worthy!