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Sunday, July 5, 2015


Flow Worthy!

Jonathan Cloud

Flow Worthy!


Flow Worthy!

Track IV

Definitely deserves a spot in your library. Flow Worthy!


Flow Worthy!


Milk chocolate vibes from ewonee, each piece more delicious than the last. Savor the flavor and grab a refreshing blend of blessed beats. Flow Worthy!

Ghost McGrady

Drowsy drug laden tracks, trip-hopping through chemical clouds, obscure and verbose, but finds a pleasant camp site in the mind to chill around. Flow Worthy!


Brisk vibes settling down on your brain, punchy and uplifting, great tape from Loupo.

bobbitopikles x kuromoji

Proper bounce, a collaboration from a duo I've never heard of, but expect to hear more from in the future, check the bandcamp out and follow the soundcloud to find out more. Flow Worthy!


Getting July started right, cripsy joints from P Murph, represent. Flow Worthy!

Amber Haze

Chilling with Amber on this one, laid back goodies for your pleasure. Flow Worthy!

Sunday, May 31, 2015


His SP404 must be a blank canvas instead of electronic hardware that reacts to touch, once a finger is placed, vibrant colors, rhythms, purity, begin to paint the surface. It's easier for me to write these articles as I'm listening, it takes forever when I'm always pressing repeat instead of typing. To any that are unsure about pressing play, don't be, Craneuhm will give you the tour guide, follow his instructions and trust me, you won't be led astray. Flow Worthy!

Saturday, May 30, 2015


Cherishing this beat tape for years to come. Thanks to bandcamp.com/keenanfield (This is a link!)for putting me on, I thought I supported the artists, the homie has almost 2000 songs and albums in his collection, puts mine to shame. Without further a do, I introduce Wildflower (Andris Mattson, 1/3 of the trio Moonchild). Extravagantly knitting together a variety of mixtures to formulate an ever so lovely concoction. Textures a plenty with a slight balearic setting. Let your ears settle in on something astoundingly profound. Just an absolute giant, shifting and molding the soul of the planet at will. These sounds do not bend from electronic equipment, but more so mental electric stimulation from a brain we cannot wait to explore. Awesome, awesome to the MAX! Flow Worthy!

Thursday, May 28, 2015


Broad bounce from Gamma, alternative sounds, appealing to the ears and pleasant to the soul. Don't forget to check the latest release from Gamma on his bandcamp. As always, Flow Worthy!

Gensu Dean

Switching gears back to the sample game, Gensu has it in spades. Years of work with the likes of Planet Asia and the such, Gen puts the needle to the record and scratches out some freebies. "Hempstead" caught my attention for various reasons, if your feeling reasonable, give it a play. Follow, support, whatever you can to give these producers/beat makers another reason to continue their craft. Flow Worthy!

Branden Chase

Synth friendly and no stranger to those classic "esque" vibes, get carried away and over some cumulonimbus. Hovering over a sea of waves, Branden gives you the soundboard you need to ride. As always, support if you can. Flow Worthy!

Riley Walters

Some "take you there" vibes illustrated therein. Static bounce romanticizing a harmonized atmosphere. A journey through mellow moods, Riley orchestrates pattern perfect pitch. Lean back and draw in the essence. Flow Worthy!

Greatest Month

Sultry and sophisticated, GM prepares a basket for an astrological picnic. Dine on the finest heartfelt motions, gluttonous ears will be sated on numerous occasions. Peep the bandcamp, then have a go at the soundcloud link on the bandcamp page as well. Flow Worthy!

No Puls

Oh snapple, it is already turning into a good day for beat digging. No Puls definitely delivers a punch, and you won't be able to block. Hypnotic rocking knock drop pop locking, a few words put into sequence to describe the blast of vibes emanating from the tape. A mix of beats and vocals from rapper Der Witz who gives us a lyrical treat, tricking your subconscious with a proliferating amount of wordplay. Grab the tape, replay, support if you can. Flow Worthy!


Gargantuan sounds pouring from the mental waterfall of Dekobe. Humble producer/beat maker from Canada (The music scene there has to be ungodly). I wanted to post his latest tape "Space Adventures" but, "Presence of Mind" which you see above had one of my favorite tracks "Mindfulness" so I stuck with this one. Grand sample selection as well as an excellent understanding of progression and placement. Do yourself a favor and check out his bandcamp, 3 tapes worth of dope. Then head over to his Soundcloud and show him a little love. My taste is expansive and I'm hoping that some, not all of course, will get great enjoyment from what Dekobe has provided. Flow Worthy!