Saturday, February 6, 2016

Pig Pen

Blankets of sound coming from pig pen. Nuzzling at your ears, easing in, soon filling every crevice of your cranium, if that isn't sexual I don't know what is. No matter your preference, these vibes will offer more than a one night stand. Make sure to hit up producers I know in the blogroll.

Thursday, February 4, 2016


Nice and bouncy.

Wax Palace

More goodies this morning, big sound all around.


More Lo-Fi butter, spread evenly.


Been following for years, still has yet to disappoint.


Nice little lo-fi single from .toke, I preferred the sp-404 version myself.,


Pleasant tracks to start your day.

Friday, January 29, 2016


Been following AJ for some time. In his current state, it seems like most of these creations seem effortless.


Holy shit, today is a good day for beat digging!


Airy suction, whats the function?


Rewinding time back to where heart and soul were not just words meant to exemplify their baser meanings. Reflection, self-sacrifice, grief, strife, blood, tears, anguish, seven deadly words to explain the ideals of a true artist to the pedigree. Araxis takes us back to the pinnacle of growth, get down.

Not So Friendly Ghost

Trap and experimental, he will be blowing up shortly.

Amber Haze

Luxury vibes to jam to at your beach house, oh wait, you don't have one? I thought everyone wrapped their joints in gold leaf. Pretend your fancy, press play and escape to your riches, or just enjoy the diamond encrusted tracks on this tape, either way.

Lo-Fi Guru

Sun kissed skin vibes, relax and unwind to some swagger, jagger wish he had.


Sample-based, stir fried into a crunchy bundle of love. One of the healthiest pick me ups of the year and it just got started, expect more from DFD and get your wallets ready.


A month barely passes and Soul is at it again, 200 downloads free for a limited time, get it while it's hot


Well mixed and undeniably a strong competitor in the trap-based market to date, though there are so many sub-genres, this is a great contender for the future-anything.



Thursday, January 28, 2016


Lo-fi and various other flavors, well on his way to getting somewhere.

Gold Digga

Up and coming, great sounds from gold, the atmosphere is vast and rewarding.