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Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Filthy Fingers United

A musical bank full of treasures from artists all around. Plenty of compilations to keep your head nodding. Check out their bandcamp and peruse tons of selections from an overwhelming amount of producers/beat makers far and wide. Follow them and stay tuned for monthly beat tapes in the future. Flow Worthy!


Trap-based and bass heavy, ciasco has a double dose for you. Check into the beat clinic and take some antibiotics straight from the Lilac. Each sound is as mesmerizing and tantalizing as the last. Looking for your midnight snacks, just take a psychedelic bite and sip out of this musical platter. Flow Worthy!


U Don't Deserve This Beautiful Art starts off their perpetual movement of excellent music releases with Starchilds Cosmic Creatures Volume 1, thankfully there will be more! Laid back, upbeat and sensual, Star delivers intergalactic mail straight to your inbox. Laced with plenty of swagger and enough bounce to render a trampoline obsolete. Assuredly fantastic for a collector, astral harmony reigns supreme. Flow Worthy!

Monday, May 25, 2015


Often beat makers/producers will go overlooked. Over the past four years the beat scene has greatly expanded, more beat makers/producers are coming out of their shell and feeding an unending ocean of starving ears. Prime.Cut sets sail with what I presume is an older beat tape. Yet, it will give you a reason to download and listen in our current year of 2015. Grab another tape free of charge and show Prime your ready for more. Flow Worthy!

Ninetofive Records

Misty tracks from ninetofives way, bringing forth a group of individuals with a talent for sound. Shi.Beats happened to be one of my favorites from the compilation, vibrant and filling from eardrum to eardrum. An Atu/Evil Needle-esque sound with a certain uniqueness that, with time, will mold into something formidable in the near future. Don't forget to catch the rest of the tracks in the compilation on bandcamp, then head over to Ninetofiverecords.com to learn more and possibly become a part of the label or discuss the movement if you wish. Flow Worthy!

Tuesday, May 19, 2015


Spiritually enveloping sounds from Limalo. Expressing the very essence of love and life itself, emotionally gripping from start to finish. A pleasure to listen to, atmospherically binding your subconscious to an other worldly euphoric paradise. Relax in a place not of your own, warm and wonderful. Flow Worthy!


Low-Fi goodies from sixpress, "Booty Claps" is a single from his recently released tape "Strange". If you dig the sound, head over to his bandcamp and grab the whole tape. Flow Worthy!


A common interest is to usually find something new and endearing in the ways of sound. Looking towards the electronic scene, Grillo presents an astounding mixture of vibes scattering in and out of a crystalline spectrum. Plenty of phasing and manipulation, bending the mind if you'll let it. Planetary exploration at it's finest. Flow Worthy!


Russian beat maker weedraw giving you some of that wavy flavor. Flow Worthy!


I thought this was a unique interpretation, doom was placed well through out. What really took me away was the sample choice by Superbeta, excellent selections. Flow Worthy!