Tuesday, February 23, 2016

various artists

Some more "I love you, don't leave me" vibes from various producers. The one I've chosen in particular is similar to some of Fortune's beats.


More dope, if the weed man or drug man, whoever, hasn't dropped by with the latest supply of forget me not remedies.

Stew x Olasegun

Grimy and Lo-Fi, nice!

Markus David

Will surely get the recognition he deserves in due time.


I've grown to like Future-Bass/Trap, most offer enough to keep your head nodding, blkwhte does not disappoint.


I'll just reference Handbook's style and let you take it from there. Easy to listen to, well selected samples.


If you're a fan of Wun Two, you will find this tape worthy of your eardrums.


Cop it you NARCS!


Bump for your trunk.

Just Good Music

For those that missed it, this released last month, I'm only privy to it now.


Plenty of producers, one or two are bound to catch your ear.

Ian Ewing

He's been blowing up on soundcloud over the past few years, most people know about him, if not, get to listening!


Nice little tape from Markl, track two will give you a vanilla-esque sound style. Other than that, enjoyable!

Wednesday, February 17, 2016


Last one for the day, I'll see y'all in a couple more, enjoy!


Pleasantly winding down from a stressful day vibes.

Beat Sampras

I love it when the samples are chopped nicely on the kick/bass drums, fancy.


Nice and calming, fans of eets and other lo-fi beat celebs will rejoice.


You definitely don't need any sweets today, these tracks will suffice.


Really liked Strawberry. Enjoyed the other tracks as well, trying to post outside the realms of my interests to appease more listeners, I've received emails in the past asking for more variety. I'm trying. Most of the tapes present involve myself sifting through Bandcamp, which can take a painstaking amount of time.


Since Knx and possibly sooner, but not to my knxwledge, most guys have been remixing and placing vocals in their beat patterns, I like something a little more simple, but most people enjoy the vocals laced in. This is a good representation of that, some of y'all will dig, I am sure. I say Knx since this seems more that style, I'm not too well versed, don't get mad if you know and I don't. "Ha Ha"